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Health & Safety Information 
Rental Information  レンタルサービスのインフォメーション
Cancellation / Refunds (キャンセルと返金
Location & Contact 場所と連絡先


The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We have put special measures in place to keep everyone safe both during and after activities and rentals.

Stringent Cleaning: We’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting surfaces and high traffic areas between each tour, lesson or rental.

Social Distancing: Rentals will be placed at a safe 6' apart to maintain social distancing standards. Only members of the same-travel group or family will be allowed to sit or recreate together. PLEASE ALWAYS ASK A TEAM MEMBER FOR ASSISTANCE IF YOU NEED TO MOVE OR ADJUST ANY EQUIPMENT. 

Wellness Checks: Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour.

Before visiting us, we ask that all guests please fill out our WAIVER & RELEASE FORM. 

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Umbrella Set Information 

  • Daily Rate: $50+ tax per set
  • Open 7am - 6pm
  • Food & beverage service offered thru Mai Tai Bar beginning at 11:00am.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the beach. 

Cabana Rental Information

  • Daily Rate: $200+tax per cabana
  • Open 7am - 6pm
  • Food & beverage service offered thru Mai Tai Bar beginning at 11:00am.

I'm not staying at the Royal Hawaiian, can I still book a cabana/chair?
The rentals listed on this site are for registered hotel guests only and registration will be checked. Umbrella sets for non-guests of the hotel can be rented here (http://www.waikikibeachservices.com/umbrella-chaise-lounge-rentals/) through Waikiki Beach Services.

こちらのサイトで紹介しているサービスはすべてロイヤルハワイアンホテルにご滞在のお客様のみご利用いただけます。一般のお客様はホテル前の公共のビーチに位置する茶色のアンブレラーセットをご利用いただけます。ご予約はワイキキビーチサービスのホームページhttps://www.waikikibeachservices.com/ja/ビーチアンブレラとラウンジチェアーのレンタル/ から行ってください。

Why is nothing showing up when I enter in my travel dates?
Please try entering in your dates separately, day-by-day, instead of a span of dates. Umbrella set rentals are also available on the public beach thru Waikiki Beach Services and can be purchased here (http://www.waikikibeachservices.com/umbrella-chaise-lounge-rentals/)
If you are trying to make a same-day reservation or a reservation that will occur within 36 hours, please call the activity desk directly at (808) 388-1510. 

システムは、始めの日から終わりの日まで続けて空いている同じ場所のセットを検索いたします。長期間を一度に検索しますと、同じ場所のセットが数日続きで空いている可能性が少ない場合が多いため、空いているカバナやアンブレラーセットがあるとしても表示されなくなります。検索は一日づつなさってください。例えば、4月1日から4月5日までの複数の日の空を調べる時に、「始めの日4/1/19 – 終わりの日4/5/19」とせずに、「始めの日4/1/19 – 終わりの日4/1/19」、「始めの日4/2/19 – 終わりの日4/2/19」、「始めの日4/3/19 – 終わりの日4/3/19」と、一日づつお調べになってください。本日、明日、明後日と36時間以内のご予約をご希望のお客様はオンラインではなく、プールサイドに位置するデスクに直接お尋ね頂くか、お電話(808)388-1510にて空きの状態をお訊ねください。

Guests of the Royal Hawaiian may also book cabanas and water loungers at Helumoa Playground Pool.
Those rentals can be found here (
http://sheraton.umbrella-finder.com/) . Please note that only Helumoa Playground may be utilized by Royal Hawaiian guests--the Edge Infinity Pool is for the use of Sheraton Waikiki guests only.  


I forgot my password / can't log in to view reservation.
Please click "Log In" at the top of the page and once at the log in site, click on "Forgot Password"? An email with temporary password will be sent to the email address with which you created your reservation.  

スクリーンの上にある「Log Inログイン」をクリックしてください。そのログインページから「Forgot your password? (パスワードを忘れましたか?)」というところをクリックしてください。お客様がご予約時にご利用になられたEメールアドレスに仮のパスワードが送られます。そのパスワードをご利用いただきログインしてください。また、Eメールアドレスを間違って書き入れてしまった場合、ご予約の確認などのメールもお客様に届きませんので、royalhawaiian@umbrella-finder.comまでご連絡ください。なお、弊社だけでなく、海外でのオンラインでのお申込み等は、携帯のメールアドレスでなくパソコンのEメールアドレスをご利用なされる事をお勧めいたします。携帯のメールアドレスにEメールが届かない場合がとてもよくあります。

Does my umbrella set come with two chairs?  
Each umbrella set includes one umbrella and two chaise loungers.  


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How do I modify or cancel a reservation? 
Cancellations or modifications must be done 48 hours prior to an existing reservation. System will not allow changes within those 48 hours. Please contact us directly at 
royalhawaiian@umbrella-finder.com if you need to change a reservation within the 48 hour cut off time.

* Log in to your account. 
* On the left hand side of the page, click "Account Overview". A list of your current bookings will then pop up. 
* To cancel and refund a booking, click "Cancel". Select the units you would like to cancel and click "Click Here!" Credit will be issued to your account within 1-2 business days. Please note: you cannot refund a reservation until the payment has gone thru. 
* To change or modify a reservation, click "Modify". Follow the prompts given to make the changes to your reservation. Please note, for changes that span days or units, please contact us at 
royalhawaiian@umbrella-finder.com and we will be happy to assist. 
* All cancellations will be subject to a 4% service charge.


*キャンセルをなさりたい場合は、「Cancel(キャンセル)」をクリックしてください。そしてキャンセルしたいサービスを選び、「Click Here! (ここをクリック!)」というところをクリックしてください。返金は1-2日後にお客様のクレジットカードへ戻されます。なお、ご予約を入れたばかりで、その支払いがまだお客様のクレジットカードのアカウントから引き落とされてない場合は、返金のプロセスができませんのでご了承ください。お支払いの確認の後のみ返金ができますので、お客様のクレジットカードでの支払いを確認なさった後にご連絡ください。
*ご予約のサービスを変更する場合は、「Modify (変更)」をクリックしてください。システムがステップバイステップで変更の仕方を指導いたします。

What if I cancel within the 48 hours of my reservation?
Unfortunately, refunds will not be issued if a reservation is cancelled within the 48 hour cut off time. Exceptions will be made in times of inclement weather. Inclement weather does not include rain or light showers or overcast skies. Inclement weather will only include thunderstorms, lightning or other conditions which would make it unsafe for our guests and team to operate.


I requested a refund--how long til it shows up in my account? 
The office is closed on weekends and holidays. Someone will process your request on the first business day. Once we have received your cancellation request, it typically will take 3-5 business days for the refund to process. Refunds sent in on a Friday will typically show up in your account the following business day (Monday afternoon).


It looks like my card was charged more than once for the same reservation--what happened? I
f your card was declined before being accepted, the attempts to make the charge may still show up on your statement. It typically takes one business day for your bank to clear declined transactions. Please give your issuing bank 24 hours to clear their cache and then check your account the following day. If there is still an issue with an overcharge, please contact us at 


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Where do I check in for my rental? 
Please check in at the towel desk located on the Malulani Pool deck. Our staff will verify your reservation and hotel registration and will then escort you to your seats.


Where do I check in for my rental? 
Please refer to map below to find your set. 


I need to speak to someone regarding my reservation, who do I contact? 
To speak directly to the activity desk where you will check in for your rentals, please call (808) 388-1510. 
If you have questions regarding your refund, please call our office directly at (808) 927-7441  You can also email us anytime at royalhawaiian@umbrella-finder.com

アクティビティーデスクにて直接スタッフとお話しいただくか、お電話(808) 388-1510にてご連絡ください。あるいは、オフィスへEメールあるいはお電話でもご連絡いただけますが、オフィスは月曜日から金曜日、朝8:30AM 4:30PMまでのみ営業しています。週末、祭日はお休みさせていただきます。キャンセルや変更のリクエストはオフィスでお電話(808) 927-7441 royalhawaiian@umbrella-finder.comの方へご連絡ください。(返金に対象になるものは、ご予約の日から48時間前に承ったものだけですのでご了承ください。)

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